Lava Rock Craft Beers

Valles Lager (German Helles Lager) 5.5% ABV 18 IBU
The Valles Lager is one of the simplest, yet most difficult to perfect. Straw colored and light, this beer is intended to be the purest expression of malt. A 5.5% ABV, it is a thist quenching choice for any lager fan, anytime of the day.

Andesite Lager (American Light Lager) 4.8% ABV 13 IBU
This is a crisp and clean international style lager. Light pilsner malts mix with maize to create a refreshing beer that is backed by noble hop flavors.

Pinche Cerveza (Mexican Lager) 4.8% ABV 19 IBU
Our cerveza is based on a classic Mexican lager. Brewed with pilsner and Vienna malts and flaked maize. The Saaz and Mandarina Bavaria hop additions give it a light, clean, and crisp taste that helps enhance the experience of that faraway Mexican beach feeling.

NM Tru IPA (New Mexico Style IPA) 6.6% ABV 65 IBU
Our house IPA has a light amber color and is inspired by New Mexico’s world class IPAs. In addition to tropical fruits and citruses, it features pine notes from Summit™, Cascade, and Azacca ® hops. Brewed with a combination of caramel and New Mexico-grown malts for an exploration of balance and flavors. This IPA screams middle-of-the road, easy drinking, everyday IPA.

Petroglyph Wit (Belgian Wit bier) 6.9% ABV 20 IBU
With a flavorful unique profile, this Belgian Wit is brewed with freshly skinned orange peels and ground coriander to introduce a full-bodied taste that explores hints of citrus and clove.

32 Bravo DIPA (Double IPA) 8.2% ABV 105+ IBU
Our double IPA is no slouch at 8.5 ABV and over 100 IBUs. There is a wide variety of hops and malts that finds an even balance to produce a suprisingly smooth double IPA. Its bold taste and light color put 32 Bravo at a top choice for IPA fans. Dedicated to our friends in uniform, “32 Bravo” indicates the call-sign of the First Responders. We thank them for their hard work and sacrifice to save lives. We salute this beer to them with gratitude. Cheers!

Boca Negra Stout (Oatmeal Stout) 6.1% ABV 25 IBU
Our stout lives up to the highest expectations of dark beer lovers. It is brewed to be rich with a full-bodied taste from contributed roasted malts that hint coffee and chocolate, while rolled oats lend a full and rounded character to the palate. Try our Boca Negra Stout Float!

Caldera Amber (English Amber Ale) 5.5% ABV 23 IBU
Despite a low hop count, our amber ale is well-balanced with a malty, deep copper profile. It’s featured with toasted sweet caramel notes and a slight chocolate finish from carefully selected malts. A great combination to have with our burgers, but also just as pleasant alone.
Please ask our servers about our seasonal and small-batch offerings

ABV- Alcohol by Volume
IBU- International Bitterness Unit